Innovative solutions and logistics services that overcome the challenges impostos pela imposed by the Brazilian infrastructure..

Import & Export

  • Customs clearance for import/export cargos
  • Follow-up of tax exemptions and/or exonerations with government agencies
  • Cargo/equipment inspection, warehousing, onshore / offshore deliveries
  • Real-time tracking of import and export processes, adding reliability and access to online information

Coast Services

  • Door to door transport between ports, offshore facilities and logistics bases
  • Feedering services
  • Partial or total vessels vessels chartering

International Transport

  • Air / sea / land transport solutions, door to door
  • Transport of project loads, heavy cargo, oversized equipments, dangerous products, etc.
  • Deliveries at industrial and construction sites, mobilizing specialized team in road surveys in remote areas with difficult access
  • Warehouses (in accordance with international storage standards)
  • Cargo removal from bonded areas and documentation management (transportation, certification, inspection, licenses, etc.)
  • Track & Trace

Onshore/Offshore Logistics Projects

Planning and budge all steps of the logistics chain in order to avoid delaysa in the project schedule and logistics costs increase.

Costa Porto is committed to perform its activities in accordance with the strictest HSE standards.